Monday, October 1, 2007

Progresso Soups = 0 Point

Zero point soup without cooking? Get outta here! No really though, Progresso now makes a zero point soup endorsed by WW. I have taken it upon myself to taste test each one, and have decided that my very favorite is the Italian Style Veggie soup. 1/2 the can is 0 points, the whole can is 2 points. This is perfect paired up with a salad, it has been a great lunch the past week. I have been splitting up the soup into two days, storing them in glad containers, then 1 can lasts for 2 lunches! The link is above, which has recipe suggestions!

Italian-Style Vegetable

A colorful array of six different garden vegetables, penne pasta and a blend of flavorful herbs and spices.

Vegetable & Noodle

A plentiful array of garden vegetables, curly noodles and flavorful herbs and spices you can actually see.

Home-Style Vegetable & Rice

Brimming with garden flavor and a colorful combination of garden vegetables, wild rice, herbs and spices.

Savory Vegetable Barley

A savory combination of five different garden vegetables and hearty barley.

Southwestern-Style Vegetable

A beautiful bouquet of six different garden vegetables, hearty black beans and plenty of spice.


Teale said...

Just watch out for the sodium content! I haven't tried them yet, but hear they are good... but if you eat the whole can at once, it's like 70% of your daily sodium intake.

Trisha said...

That is why I split it up, then it's not so bad, lower than regular soups. Plus 1 cup of soup with a salad is plenty for me for lunch, I usually have trouble eating all of it. :o)

Anonymous said...

These are okay, but WAYYYY to salty for me. The 50% less sodium is much yummier and still really light onthe calories! :)

Teale said...

I tried the SW Veggie today... It was OK for 0 points.... I probably wouldn't get this kind again though. Off to try a different kind!

Trisha said...

I haven't tried that one, but the Italian Veggie is very good if you like tomatoes and basil.