Sunday, November 4, 2007

My First Cooking Light Eh...

I usually love Cooking Light recipes and this one was ok... I think it was just ok because I am not a huge fan of honey. I usually just like it in my hot tea in the morning and not all over my food. If you like honey though, this would be a definite recipe to try. My husband picked this one out and just munched it up, so I was glad to see it was just me that thought, eh. My modifications are in italics.

Spicy Honey Chicken Thighs
(Source: Cooking Light)

teaspoons garlic powder
teaspoons chili powder I used cajun seasoning
1 teaspoon salt
teaspoon ground cumin
teaspoon paprika
teaspoon ground red pepper
skinless, boneless chicken thighs I used chicken breast tenders
Cooking spray
tablespoons honey
teaspoons cider vinegar

Preheat broiler.

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large bowl. Add chicken to bowl; toss to coat. Place chicken on a broiler pan coated with cooking spray. Broil chicken 5 minutes on each side.

Combine honey and vinegar in a small bowl, stirring well. Remove chicken from oven; brush 1/4 cup honey mixture on chicken. Broil 1 minute. Remove chicken from oven and turn over. Brush chicken with remaining honey mixture. Broil 1 additional minute or until chicken is done.

4 servings (serving size: 2 chicken thighs)

POINTS per Serving: 6 - if using chicken breast
POINTS per Serving: 7 - if using chicken thighs

We served this with good old Zattarin's Rice Pilaf and Freshtables microwaveable butternut squash with a cinnamon sauce. I had never seen these before, but found them in the produce department. They have lots of varieties and it only took 3 minutes in the microwave!

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