Saturday, August 25, 2007

My New Toys!!

It's like Christmas here! I am so excited! I received my new Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer and Food Processor this week. :) It has been such a crazy week here with school starting and everything so I haven't had a chance to cook anything blog worthy or play with these new toys (well, I have only had them for about 2 days now, so that is not too bad!) I am planning on cooking/baking up a storm tomorrow though! Coming up will be brownies, cookies, salsa and hummus. I have never had hummus before so I am excited! Here are my new toys. They are so pretty!!!


Amber said...

YAY or wonderful new KA products. They look awesome. I am SO jealous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how great!!! I have both of those appliances and they are seriously the most useful things in my kitchen. I actually a hummus recipe I've been making since adolescence if you are loking for one (in my blog). Just an fyi. Good luck with the new stuff!!