Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm It! Tagged 2x in a week!

Ok, so I have been tagged again, so here we go!

My 8 interesting facts (well, if you can call them that!)

1. My new favorite addiction is a medium Caribou Sugar Free Skinny Iced Latte, for 2 points each. It is my snack 2-3 times a week. They are delicious! I highly recommend them!

2. I hate sage. Hate it with a passion, just the smell makes me gag!

3. My black cat and I have "sleepy time" at least 5 times a week on the couch. He lays on a pillow on my chest and snuggles with me.

4. Everyday on the way home from work I see the same 2 beavers by a bridge. How cute is that!

5. I LOVE Harry Potter and all things associated with the series. I have read #7 twice since purchasing it the night it came out and I reread the whole series this summer.

6. I have way too many kitchen appliances and gizmos for our tiny kitchen.

7. I am a shoe whore...I love buying shoes!

8. I would love to move to Ohio. It's so pretty there... My husband is glued to Iowa soil though!

I am tagging: Mrs.H052006, Erin, Ash, Erica, Melissa, Renae, Emily, and Gillian. If you've been tagged, tell us 8 interesting things about yourself and tag 8 others! :) Have fun!

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